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Individual Therapy

Common goals of individual therapy can be to inspire change or improve quality of life.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can resolve a current problem, prevent future problems or simply provide a “check-up”.

Family Therapy

Address specific issues affecting the health and functioning of a family during difficult times.

Areas Of Expertise

The following areas (including but not limited to):

Adult Psychotherapy:

  • Major Depressive Disorder, – Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Mood Disorder, – Borderline Personality Disorder, – Suicide thoughts/ attempt, – Suicide, – Trauma (PTSD), – Bereavement/ Loss, – Stress, – Self Esteem, – Living with HIV/AIDS support, – Cancer diagnosis support, – Sexual Identity, – Identity Crisis, – Gay & Lesbian affirmation therapy, – Life changes, – Divorce, – Relationship/ Marriage counselling, – Family therapy, Group Therapy (DBT), – Parental Guidance


  • Adjustment difficulties, – Mood Disorders, – Emotion Regulation, – Suicidal thoughts/ attempts, – Bullying, – Parental Divorce, – Trauma,- Bereavement

Children (Between ages of 6 and 12):

  • Attachment difficulties, – Aggression, – Behavioural problems, – Bereavement, – Bed wetting, – Stress and Trauma, – Adjustment

Psychological Assessment:

  • Emotional Assessment, – Cognitive assessment

Education and Training:

  • Presenting training programs on Psychological relevant topics aimed at;
    Teachers, Remedial Educators, Nursing staff, Social workers, Counsellors, Youth Counsellors, HIV Counsellors, Hospice workers
  • Presenting presentations/ talks on;
    Improving Self-Esteem, Life Stress Management, Bereavement, Child and Adolescent Parental Guidance, Life adjustment, HIV/AIDS management and Counselling

My Approach

The choice to enter therapy, for whatever reason, can be difficult and painful, but should allow you the journey to grow and find a better way of navigating through challenges & obstacles.

I work collaboratively with my patients in order to reach their goals. These goals may include sorting out or healing core issues and difficulties and reducing symptoms.

My approach is, at heart, focussed around the needs of the person; non-judgemental and collaborative in nature, where together we seek to better understand difficulties in relation to one’s life.

My hope is to help my clients to cope with life changes and stressors; to work through unresolved developmental stages; to cope more effectively with the demands of work and the society within which they live.

Therapeutic Approaches

  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Imago Couples Therapy

The Process


Free 10 Min Chat

I can phone you to discuss the therapy process and also answer any FAQ’s you might have.

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After our initial intro call, I will invite you to book an appointment with me.

1st Session!

This is where we will discuss your challenges, goals, and outcomes.

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